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$3,600-4,600 / per week / per 8 campers (see description below)

Skill Level:

Beginner to intermediate level activities. No experience necessary for fishing. Must know how to ride a bike off pavement if requesting Mountain Biking Camp.


Boys & Girls Age 6-14

Pick up Drop Off Time:

Times may be customized upon request!
Most Common:
8:30 am-4:30 pm
8:30 am-4:00 pm
9:00 am-3:00 pm

Private Camps

(Ages 6-14)

Our private camps allow groups to create their ideal camp experience!

We have decided to expand our offering of private camps after the success and customer satisfaction we experienced running this style of camp during the indescribable 2020 Summer. This camp allows parents to feel at ease, knowing their children are at camp with peers they already know; As well as interacting with parents they already know!

Hosting a private camp allows parents to:

  • Create the participant list or “Roster”
  • Decide on the location where the campers will be picked up/dropped off for the week (neighborhood, shopping center, park, etc.)
  • Choose the activity/activities for the week
  • Request ideal date/time for your camp
  • Easily communicate/coordinate with other parents
  • Direct communication with counselors

Our private camp programming will be no different from our traditional camp programming! Our counselors have extensive experience in leading safe, outdoor adventures. Our programs provide meaningful experiences in the outdoors where kids learn, play, and grow their confidence!

If you are new to our camps and want to get an understanding of what a week of camp would look like, please reference the “Summer Camps” tab to learn more about camps in your area. (If you do not reside in any of the locations where we offer camps, please contact us)

Activities Offerings Include: Fishing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Kayak Fishing, Hiking, Tubing and much much more!!! (Camps can include one or more activities depending on scheduling availability)

Bring your ideas to us, and we will bring them to life with the best camp experience ever!

Email to book a private camp now!


In order to book a private camp, you must have a group of at least 8 campers committed to attending camp, but no more than 12 campers.

Once you have reached 8 campers, each additional camper will pay the same rate of either $450 or $575. If you cannot reach 8 campers, you may divide the flat rate(FR) by the number of campers you have in your group.

White Water Rafting trip available upon request!!

“Loosen Up” Charter Boat trip available upon request!! (Additional $500 fee)

*Interested in adding a night of camping under the stars to your week of camp? Don’t hesitate, let us know in your email!*

Please contact with questions and inquires about private camps!

Session Schedule

Private camps available from June 1 – September 15


Refund Policy

All deposits for camps and any programs or trips are non-refundable. We understand that things happen and we do make exceptions in cases of physical injury that will not allow a camper to attend camp. When working with other programs, we adhere to their refund policies. Please contact us directly if you need to withdraw from any camp, program, or trip.