• After School programs

Onsite Enrichment Programs:

We offer onsite mountain biking, fishing, and outdoor adventure programs.

Mountain Biking Enrichment:

We offer onsite mountain biking enrichment programs for public schools throughout the greater Richmond area. We bring the bikes and helmets and teach biking skills on campus.

Fishing Enrichment:

We offer fishing enrichment classes where participants learn the basics of fishing from casting, to tackle, to knots, to making their own lures.

Outdoor Adventure:

From setting up tents, to worm composting, to scavenger hunts, this program gets kids excited about being outdoors.

Please contact us if your school or your child's school would like to offer one of our programs.
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Offsite Enrichment Programs

We currently offer offer afterschool enrichment programs, weekend biking trips, and our own afterschool biking program in the Greater Richmond Area.

Afterschool Outside Program:

Under the guidance of positive adult role models, we provide the children a chance to discover their own abilities, stimulating self-esteem and character. From tree climbing, to hiking, to fishing, to mountain biking, to just looking under rocks in the river to see what’s there, we let kids lead the programming as much as possible. We believe the power of observation is one of nature's most useful tools for learning and are ever ready to stop what we are doing to watch an eagle eat a shad or have a rock skipping contest.

Children will have FUN, learn for themselves, start to see a progression of skill development and build a base that they'll carry with them their whole lives. We create a safe environment for kids to be kids and enjoy time outside like we did growing up. Fortunately we have the James River Park System in our back yard. What a wonderful playground! Most of the programs take place in the James River Park and other area parks, but from time to time we may visit private locations for specific activities. Pick up is available at area schools with programs dates and schools to be determined before each season.

Afterschool mountain biking program:

This program takes place in the James River Park and other local parks. Participants will learn basic and intermediate mountain biking skills as well as a little bike maintenance. Pick up is available at area schools with programs dates and schools to be determined before each season.

Afterschool Fishing Program:

This program takes place on the James River and local ponds in the Richmond Area. We pick the kids up from school ready to hit the water for an hour or two. No fishing experience necessary. We provide all equipment.


We currently have programs planned for Steward School, St. Michael's School, Fox Elementary, and the JCC in Richmond.  You should be receiving information regarding registration from these locations.